Trademark Search Service


Trademark search service offers all federal trademark, servicemark or tradename searches, and additionally, offers state trade name searches, servicemarks, and trademarks, giving you the exact information you are needing without overwhelming you with worthless data or confusing our customers with worthless searches.

Why trademark search? or Better yet, what is a trademark? What is a trade name? What about servicemarks? This site is tailored for a comprehensive search and gives the user a timely affordable way to search these marks for a new product idea, product slogan or business name or idea.

This site and our service provided by qualified legal researchers is dedicated to accurate, timely and affordable trademark searches and gives the consumer a chance to avoid high lawyer search fees that one might incur when dealing with an intellectual property attorney.

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With both the state searches and federal search forms, you can be sure to get any and all information for the exact geographical area needing coverage in some great package deals.

Maybe you have thought of a new product, a new idea, new business or a slogan, and you would like to be an informed decision maker. Maybe it’s time you stop wasting your time surfing the net and start searching your trademark, today.

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